Every store needs to send emails for order approval, registration, password reset and so on. Email sending is the one of the major and longest process in SAP Commerce(Hybris).

In this article i will try to explain how to:

  1. Send email with attachments;
  2. Send email to multiple addresses.

Sending email in SAP Commerce(Hybris)

Configuration Properties

SAP Commerce(Hybris) provides a flexible way to manage properties in our projects. It relies on three essential configuration files:

Aspect-oriented programming(AOP) is a programming paradigm which breaks down program logic into distinct parts so-called concerns. The key unit of modularity in OOP is the class, whereas in AOP the unit of modularity is the aspect.

Aspects enable the implementation of crosscutting concerns such as- transaction, logging, not central to…

Hot Folder is one of the best way to import and feed data into Hybris. It serves as staging area which is continuously monitored and when files are copied or dropped into it, they are automatically processed.

It is based on Spring integration framework.

Why we use Hot folder?

Interceptors are called when we perform an operation on a particular object/model. They can be called at different lifecycles of ModelService object.

SAP Commerce(Hybris) Data Model uses Relational Database (RDBMS) to persist the Commerce entities such as products, customers, orders, etc. It provides a Persistence Layer “Type System” to manage the data models, defined in XML files such as items.xml.

Type System is Hybris ORM, where all of the Java Objects are…

In SAP Commerce(Hybris) Backoffice we can restrict access to the application to certain data, functionality and configuration settings. This means that we can design a Backoffice application that shows a different application mash-up to different business users, depending on their business role.

A Backoffice Role is an extension of UserGroup

In this article, we will talk about data transfer objects(DTOs), Converters, Populators and finally WsDTOs.

When developing custom extensions in SAP Commerce(Hybris) you will be implementing the Converters and Populators pattern a lot in your project. Converters and populators are used in facade layer to convert the model to data…

There are two ways for indexing Item Types in Solr. The first way is when data requires no change or transformation. The data can be taken as it is from the database. …

Data models in SAP Commerce are defined via items.xml file in each extension. The core-items.xml contains the basic data models and relations which are used like users,products,orders etc.

At build time and database-initialization time, the platform combines all the XML declarations from the extensions being used, and generates Java classes…

Nuray Fahri

Senior Software Developer / Hybris Subject Matter Expert / Founder

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