Configuration properties and customizing platform code in SAP Commerce(Hybris)

Configuration Properties

  1. file in the platform: it is located in ${HYBRIS_BIN_DIR}/platform and it contains the default global properties(settings) for the whole Hybris platform. It is not recommended(not good) to edit this file.
  2. files in each extension: each Hybris extension has its own configuration file. The properties defined here are available only for the extension, it belongs to. We define the properties, which are to be used only in this extension. Properties specified will be with higher priority than file in platform folder.
  3. it is located in the ${HYBRIS_CONFIG_DIR} directory. It is working copy of the which allows us to override default the settings. The overridden values are common across all the extensions. Properties defined in this file will be with highest priority than properties defined in any other properties file.

Priority of SAP Commerce configuration properties

Customizing platform code in SAP Commerce(Hybris) and ant customize

  1. Copy the original file that we want to customize in ${HYBRIS_CONFIG_DIR}/customize directory.
  2. Change the code in the file.
  3. Run ant customize.



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