HTTP 502 bad gateway and changing Proxy timeout in CCv2

Nuray Fahri
2 min readJan 16, 2023

Recently we had issue with one of our endpoints which usually takes a lot time to return response. This is expected behaviour for that endpoint but the issue was that in CCv2 we started receiving 502 Bad Gateway errors as a response.

As we know HTTP 502 bad gateway indicates that the server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server. It occurs when:

  • The timeout of the proxy was reached prior to the request completion.
  • If the connection proxy > server drops.
  • The response from the server is invalid.

In our case the problem was related with the Proxy timeout:

There are 2 general options to resolve this kind of a issue:

  1. Optimize the code so the endpoint takes less time.
  2. Increase the Proxy timeout.

Unfortunately first option was not valid for us that’s why we applied the second one(increased the timeout to 2 mins).

In CCv2 the default Proxy timeout is 1 minute. But we can increase it from CCv2 Endpoint settings:

Enviroment -> Endpoint(API in our case) -> Proxy Timeout and save it.

Impotrant: the changes will be applied automatically without need of service restart.

This way we can make sure that if for some reason the response takes longer time, there won’t be a 502 Bad Gateway error.

As the proxy timeout is an important security feature, avoid entering too high a value in this field.