Integration API Request Monitoring

Nuray Fahri
Sep 7, 2023


In Integration UI Tool in Backoffice we can view the results of inbound and outbound Integration API requests.

We use it as we have integration for Abandon Carts. Basically we detect abandoned carts in commerce and sends them as outbound oData payloads to CPI, which then sends to MS Dynamics marketing for campaigns.

This monitoring can be disabled and enabled via properties:

  • inboundservices.monitoring.enabled
  • outboundservices.monitoring.enabled

The thing i want to underline here is that the default setting for both properties was TRUE until Commere Cloud version 2011. After this version default setting for the properties is set to FALSE. So, if we want to have monitoring logs we need to change the property to true.

Wanted to share that as after we upgraded Commerce Cloud to 2211 we were without monitoring logs until we found out what was changed! :D