Issue with Cloud Hot Folders after deployment with Rolling Update

Nuray Fahri
2 min readSep 18, 2022

It happens very often in CCV2 after deployment with Rolling Update mode(zero downtime) that files in Hot Folder are getting stuck(not processed).

After deployments, we need to make sure that Cloud Hot Folders are not running in different node than backgroundProcessing node.

Let me share with you how we can check and fix the issue.

First, we need to login into /HAC console from background processing service:

And execute the following Groovy script:

import de.hybris.platform.core.Registry//Display hybris cluster status
def cId = Registry.getClusterID()
def cGrps = Registry.getClusterGroups()
println ' - Id:' + cId + ' Groups:' + cGrps

Then, in Output tab we will see this result:

After that we should check in Backoffice->Cloudcommons->Application Lock:

If Owner Cluster Id and ID from the Groovy script result are equal.

If they are not equal, we should delete the Application Resource Lock entry and new one will be created automatically immediately.

So, here the only important thing is that the application resource lock needs to have the same cluster id as Hotfolder thread.

Of course there can be various reasons blocking the files to be processed in Cloud Hot Folders, this one is one of them.

For more info check: